How can I improve my IELTS writing band score?

IELTS writing is all about expansion of ideas in support of your opinion. Not only the organisation of your writing matters but also the thought process that has been put after understanding the question. In addition to that, there are certain parameters that one needs to follow such as linking the ideas, paragraphing, usage of vocabulary and range of grammar. All this requires ample practice and moreover proper feedback. Feedback is important as it helps to understand the loopholes and the lacking factors.

An IELTS expert is always a right resource to get this feedback from, as he/she will help you achieve the factors which an IELTS examiner is looking for. Putting all this together in a continuous process will definitely lead you to achieve the desired band score in IELTS writing!

How will TMS help me improve my speaking for IELTS?

  • When it comes to IELTS speaking, it is all about processing your thoughts and putting it in words the only clique being the format and structure of the exam! Had it not been a matter to worry, speaking would have been a piece of cake.At TMS we understand that every person is different and so is his/ her thinking. Hence we have created the speaking module similar to the actual IELTS speaking exam where our IELTS expert interviews the test taker in a one on one fashion following the pattern of the IELTS exam. This practice has helped hundreds of candidates to overcome their fear of talking to a stranger and has given them a pragmatic experience of the actual exam.

At TMS we treat every test taker as an individual and guide him and her through their own strengths and weaknesses and help them to understand the dos and don’ts of the exam. You speak with us and we help you to speak better with the IELTS examiner!

Which exam should I take amongst IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL?

Before taking any of these exams, one must know the purpose of the exam. It is often seen that, for academics, colleges and universities specify their criteria clearly and mention which of these exams is required. Other times they just give an either/ or option.
While choosing the exam for academics these parameters have to be kept in mind:
1.Which exam is being demanded from the college
2. The mode of exam: TOEFL is Internet-based; IELTS is paper-based and computer-based; PTE is computer based.
3. The pattern of each of these exams and their scoring criteria
4. Their eligibility across various other institutions.
5. Above all, aligning your strengths parallel to the structure of the exam.

Whereas while choosing any of these exams for PR, one must know that:
1.TOEFL is 100% academic exam and cannot be taken for immigration purpose.
2.PTE too is Academic but can be taken for Australia immigration only
3.IELTS is bifurcated in GENERAL and ACADEMIC categories making it very obvious to choose from.

Immigrants should choose their exam wisely after thoroughly understanding the exam structure and knowing what best suits their profile and the country of immigration.

Often a question is tossed about the comparison of the difficulty level of these exams. However, one must know that even though they all are English language exams, they vary in nature and directly comparing them is not wise!

If I wish to study abroad, which universities accept IELTS?

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How will TMS's IELTS mock-test help me score higher in IELTS?

Kindly refer to our current blogs, exam structure and tips to score sections.

When will I get my IELTS mock-test result?

You can get your result within 48 hours after submitting your entire paper by logging into your account after being notified.

How can I claim for a refund?

Please refer to our refund policy