Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of TestMyScore.com

  • I understand that TMS is a virtual platform offering near to real test setting.
  • I also understand that the scorecard and the analysis report given by TMS are for my improvements and that, at no point of time I can compare the same with my actual results or results given by any other institutions which may vary.
  • I understand that TMS is not responsible for any technical error at my end or if the technical specifications are not met by me resulting in poor quality display or audio.
  • I understand that I have to complete my mock test within the time frame given by TMS after completing the registration process.
  • I understand that I am eligible to get a scorecard and the analysis only if I complete the entire test. TMS will not score incomplete tests.
  • I understand that TMS holds the complete right to cancel my registration in case of any unethical conduct from my end.
  • I hereby vow to follow all the rules set by TMS and I understand that doing so
  • will only benefit me for the purpose that I am here.