Should You Join An IELTS Coaching Or Not?

should you join IELTS coaching or practice online?

Is Coaching for IELTS necessary?

Wonder what it would be like swimming for the first time without a float? Well, it’s rather similar to writing an IELTS exam, only here the float is a mentor. So, should you join an IELTS coaching or not?

A mentor plays an essential role when it comes to becoming an IELTS master. IELTS, though it seems simple to many, is no piece of cake; the most important factor being the structure of the exam.

With increased accessibility to the internet, it has now become much easier to dig deep in and understand the intricacies and complexities of such internationally acclaimed exams. However, one must know, ‘knowing is not enough.’

Knowing the IELTS format is important

IELTS is a highly structured exam and it is conducted in an extremely professional environment.

As a known fact, it is divided into four skills, namely: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

It is important for the test-taker to be well versed with the pattern of all these skills on which he/she will be judged. Knowing what to do is an important factor as far as the IELTS exam goes, as, if one knows what to do, he/she can focus on how to do it best!

Unfortunately, it has been observed that many test takers are confused not only about the pattern, but also with the overall exam. Be it about the writing the exam part or the scoring part, everything to them is nothing but a chaotic mess.

Find a mentor to help you with your IELTS preparation

The finest solution to all the puzzles is guidance. A person with appropriate knowledge is the one all the test-takers should be looking for.

Usually, the IELTS mentors/trainers are trained and certified by the IELTS co-owners: British Council or IDP Australia. They are trained in aspects like the scoring pattern, distribution of band score, evaluation method, identifying correct resources, usage of resources, and strategies used to score well in the IELTS exam.

Hence, getting hands-on IELTS under the guidance of such trained and certified experts is extremely beneficial.

Once the test-taker decides on taking the exam, the first and foremost thing he should do is find a trainer, a mentor and the one who has authenticated information with him. This means it is mandatory to know the credentials and experience of whom the aspirant intends to seek guidance from.

A coach plays a vital role in the preparation of IELTS by giving constant feedback to the candidate and making it easier for him to realize the loop-holes and focus on the weak areas.

Test-takers are often seen practicing among themselves, especially for the speaking and writing parts. They are unknown to the fact that it may not yield the necessary results as all the participants are amateurs and none has the eye of a professional.

Online IELTS Testing Platforms

It is important to have proficient monitored practice sessions specifically when it comes to speaking and writing modules as both of them are subjective and difficult to score.

This can be achieved by either joining an IELTS coaching centre or by practicing for IELTS online on various online IELTS practice test platforms like Test My Score, where you can practice the online simulation of the IELTS exam and get your tests evaluated by IELTS experts who provide valuable insights to help you boost your IELTS band score.

All in all, IELTS, when practiced under proper guidance, will benefit the test-takers, to getting the desired band score and, that too, like a pro!

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